In His Hands

In the last year I have seen five dear people, that I have been privileged to call my friends, enter into eternity. They were all uniquely different individuals. Some male, some female. Some old, middle-aged, and young. They varied in their financial and social statuses. Their hobbies ranged from hunting and fishing, to poetry and plays and their professions ranged from students, to factory workers, from medical professionals to multi-faceted business owners. What they all have in common, though, is by whose hands they were created and in whose hands they are in now.

Our creator allows our entrance into this world. He gives us choices in how we decide to live our lives. You know how it is when you give your children choices and you want them to feel like they are making the choices on their own, but you word the choices in such a way that if they pick the choice that is wrong, or against your wishes, that they would be obviously foolish for doing so? That is how I can imagine God is. He says, in so many words, if you choose my way you will have life and peace, but if you choose another way you will only find trouble, even death. This is not because he is a control freak, it is only because of his great love for us. Again, as parents we can understand this. Most of us do not want to just control our children’s lives, but instead we give them rules and boundaries because we want only to protect them and to see them be successful.

A time of death brings a time of questioning. Why do some die from car accidents and illnesses and yet others are miraculously saved from the jaws of death? The only answers to these questions are in His hands. God is sovereign in His decisions and he knows best. The other questions that arise are, if I would die, would I be ready? What would people say about me if my number was called tonight? What sort of impact have I made in people’s lives and what footprints have I left behind? These questions can be answered by placing our lives in His hands. We must make our calling and election sure, or other words, we must decide where we are going to live eternity and make all of our decisions and actions reflect our choice.

The five people I have recently lost have left very positive imprints on my life. They brought me smiles and laughter. They gave me hugs and words of encouragement. They took the time to participate in my life and for that I am truly grateful. These people are gone now and instead of merely finding people to try to fill these voids, my life has been challenged to make a conscious effort to give encouragement to others. I want to pattern my life after these people, and ultimately after my God, the Creator, my Saviour, Jesus!

There was a time, not too long ago, that I had allowed years of bitterness to consume me. I’m sure I’ve hurt many people in the process, and this is something I wish I could go back and erase, but time doesn’t go in reverse. We only have today to work with. About a year ago I began a journey of healing. I’ve experienced help from various sources over the years, but these crutches allowed me to merely survive. But I wanted more! I wanted to experience a complete healing, I wanted to live before I died. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. Has everything changed and become peachy-keen?…no. Have the people I hurt forgiven me? Not all of them. Do they trust or have they seen my changes? Only if they are looking and want to see it. What I have learned, though, is that in my hands, my life is damaged and a total mess. But in His hands, He is able to make all things new. He is the healer, the creator, the author of my story, but only when I make the choice to put my life in His hands.


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