No Better Time Than the Present

Many of my previous posts have been more of a production, well thought out with scriptures and complete thoughts, but I’m thinking of changing it up a bit. I feel led to be more transparent in my journey to find healing in an attempt to relate to my target audience, the emotionally wounded.

I must admit, I thought about putting this off, and then I read the headlines: Robin Williams, Dead at 63 from an apparent suicide. How sad! Then my heart was pricked, this just can not wait any longer. In my search for help, I want to help someone else.

It has been very hard for me to talk to anyone about the fact that my heart is so wounded, still after all these years, but some of the wounds are fresh or a combination of old wounds that keep getting reopened and not allowed to heal. I always feel like I have failed God or that I might be a bad witness if I were to reveal my struggles, but the time has come to face the music and see God use my life for his glory. Besides, the thought came to me today; God does not need me to protect His reputation.

Just recently I started seeing a therapist to help me sort through some of these issues. After unloading some of my past, about half, she looked at me and asked, How did you ever survive? Now this was comforting because I felt like, finally, someone was acknowledging that I had faced some very difficult struggles. My answer was, it was God!

At this time, my encouragement is never give up. Keep looking for answers. Keep believing God’s Word. Keep praying and going to church. Personally my hope always was, this world was not the end, I’m going to a better place, Heaven. As I search for and find some answers, I will be sharing them or sometimes share nuggets from my journey that have helped me this far. One thing is for certain, I do not want this battle to be in vain, but all for the glory to God!

Besides the Bible, of course, I am currently reading two books that I have found to be extremely helpful. A Bend in the Road, by Dr. David Jeremiah and It Will Never Happen to Me, by Claudia Black, PhD. I have been posting many of Dr. Jeremiah’s key quotes on Twitter, but I will start trying to share them on here as well. If you know someone struggling, please send them my way, I really care and want to help.


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