When life hands you lemons, add some sugar and make some lemonade.  I hope everyone is thirsty, because I have an abundance of lemons.  Instead of feeling weighted down by all the trials that life has handed me, my goal is to try and lighten the load by sharing with others who have gone through similar circumstances.  We often feel isolated by our trials which is what keeps us oppressed.  Freedom comes when we realize, we aren’t alone.

This blog is my attempt to take back the reigns of my life and not feel like I’m just holding on, waiting for it all to end. 

There was a time in my life when I thought I knew the answers, but as Ziggy always used to say, life has a way of changing the questions.  God is still the answer, but I am learning more about this being I call my Savior.

The main thing is that I’m attempting to do something and not just whither away.  Hopefully someone will be blessed along the way by this effort.


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  1. With all we’re presently facing, I too feel like I’m doing good to hold on while waiting for it all to end. It’s a rough place to be in but if I can just hold on…it’ll be worth it all!

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